Ink - Fusion Ink


12 Color Sample Set

The Sample Pack contains 12 bottles: - White - Basic Black - Really Red - Orange - Atomic Yellow - Emerald Green - Gamma Green - Royal Blue - Light Blue - Bubble Gum Pink - Pretty Purple - Power Brown

5 piece Grey Wash Set

Fusion Ink 5 Shade Greywash Set comes in 2oz and 4oz bottles. - Greywash Light - Greywash Medium - Greywash Dark - Greywash X-Light - Greywash X-Dark


   A good muted soft brownish-green. Break with white for a soft minty muted green.

Atomic Yellow

   The brightest yellow made. Extra vibrant, easy to apply and stays solid.

Autumn Orange

   rich orange that is more on the brown side. In the ochre tones.

Basic Black

   A thinner black that works great for outlining and darkening tones.

Blood orange

   Super vivid orangish-red tone. Perfect for mixing the warm colors. Goes in easy.

Blue Sky

   A softer light blue. Great break down for deeper blue tones.


   Extra dark deep blue. Appears as a concentrate in the bottle, but more on the purple side.

Bomber Gray

   Deep solid grey tone, can be darkened or lightened to suit.

Brick Red

   Dark solid rich red. Great tone that can be used to deepen lighter reds.


   A nice solid brown tone that has tons of uses. Can be lightened with colors such as "White".