Fusion Ink


Greywash Dark

Fusion Ink Greywash Dark Great value for drop shadows and backgrounds. Part of the 5 piece Fusion Ink Greywash set

Leafy Green

Fusion Ink Leafy Green pigment A rich vibrant bright green tone. Break it down with "Atomic Yellow" for a rich bright lime green tone.  Available in 1oz and 2oz variants.

Saigon Pink

A really vibrant rich pink tone that is a go to for many artists. Deepens great with "Power Black".

Bubble Gum Pink

 The name says it all. Super bright rich pink. One of the tones that is must have. Available in 1oz or 2oz bottles


Fusion Ink Pomegranate pigment This rich red tone has a bit of a bright plum feel to it. Available in 1oz or 2oz bottles  

Deep Purple

Fusion Ink Deep Purple pigment A dark rich deep purple tone. Breaks down great with "White' to achieve various purples. Available in 1oz and 2oz variants

Cool Mint

Nice bright minty blue. Can be used as a alternative break down for darker tones. Available in 1oz or 2oz bottles

Opaque Grey Medium

Fusion Ink Opaque Grey Medium pigment The mid tone of the grey set. More of a true grey.  Part of the 5 piece Fusion Ink Opaque Grey Set

Rick Walters Crimson Red

 Fusion Ink, Signature Single bottle tattoo ink. Rick Walter's- Crimson Red. Available in both 1oz & 2oz Rich red tone. Great color to have with other reds.  


 Fusion Ink Orange pigment A true vivid orange, stays rich and solid in the skin. Lightens tones in the red family. Available in 1oz and 2oz bottles 

Light Blue

Fusion Ink Light Blue pigment A solid rich light blue tone. Another must have that comes in the sample set. Available in 1oz and 2oz variants. 

Basic Black

  A thinner black that works great for outlining and darkening tones. Available in 1oz, 2oz. 4oz, or 8oz bottles