Anchored Stencil Solution

Nikko Hurtados’ Anchored Stencil Solution – Tattoo Transfer Cream – 8oz. BottleWorld-renowned portrait tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado spent years developing an effective stencil transfer solution that other artists would love. Combine his knowledge and experience with years of testing, and Anchored ...

Ballpoint Tattoo Skin Pens

Ballpoint Tattoo Pens 100PC per box. 1.6mm Available in an assortment of colors;- Blue- Green- Red- Purple

Hulk Super Bond

HULK Super Strength Stencil Bond is the industry's new leading stencil application product.  This claim that's backed by leading Internationl artists, consistant positive customer feedback and growing brand loyalty. Hulk is developed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists, not laboratories. Hulk is...

Prep Stuff

Prep Stuff Skin Sanitizer And Stencil Remover 8oz

Stencil Master

HOW TO APPLY :Using a glove, apply a thin layer of Diao solution on a shaved and clean skin. Spreading all over the surface until it is moisten. Place Stencil paper on the applied area for 3-5 seconds, press firmly and slowly peel the paper away from the skin. Give stencil enough time to dry befo...

Stencil Stuff Spray Pump

Stencil Stuff Spray Pump Apply your stencil with this touch less applicator. Just spray the area where you want and apply your stencil. Quick and easy to use.

Viscot Skin Makers / Pens -...

Traditional Ink Mini Fine Tip - STERILE    The Vismark Value Surgical Skin Markers are an economic alternative to our Precision Surgical Skin Markers. The value surgical skin marker are filled with traditional skin marking ink that we've been using for over 30 years! The 1437 series is a reliable...

Viscot Skin Makers / Pens -...

Description: The first prep resistant ink skin marker! The XL skin marking ink is visible up to 10 times longer than traditional ink skin markers. It will virtually eliminate the need for remarking of the patient once they’re in the operating room for plastic surgery procedures.