Genius Cartridges Grips

Compatible with all Cheyenne Hawk Safety Cartriges Tattoo Needles. One tube can be used with either Needles Cartridges or Regular Needles.

Nuclear Machine Bags

Nuclear Machine Bags Size: 5" x 4" QTY- 500  

Nuclear Mag Tubes

Nuclear Disposable magnum tubes "rubber touch" clear tips

Premium RCA Cord

Steady, Pure Copper, Best Conductive, Brass RCA 6.35mm Jack Plug

Stencil Master

HOW TO APPLY :Using a glove, apply a thin layer of Diao solution on a shaved and clean skin. Spreading all over the surface until it is moisten. Place Stencil paper on the applied area for 3-5 seconds, press firmly and slowly peel the paper away from the skin. Give stencil enough time to dry befo...

Wash Bottle Bag

Nuclear Wash Bottle Bag Size: 6" x 8" QTY- 250