MAST-ARCHER-MAX Wireless Tattoo Pen 4.2mm

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MAST-ARCHER-MAX Wireless Tattoo Pen 4.2mm Stroke Length

Mast Archer wireless rotary tattoo pen machine has visible LCD voltage screen, easily adjustable voltage.
Takes 2 hours to full charge, runs for upwards of 8 hours, 4.2mm stroke length, work as a liner or a shader.
Effortless to cover and protect. Efficient cartridges change and replacement.
This wireless tattoo pen advanced gear system that smooth, soft, and quiet operation, Ideal healing results. Flexible and lightweight for every style Gently and smoothly transfers ink to skin; suitable for all skin types.
Package include one Mast Archer wireless machine, USB-C fast charge cord, two replaceable grips, gift box.


Net Weight : 186g
Machine Diameter: 32mm
Machine Length: 132mm
Stroke Length: 4.2mm
Working Voltage: 5-12V