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Peak Natron

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Black Natron Click Tattoo Grip — Adjustable Aluminum Click Cartridge Grip by Peak

Always striving to stay at the “peak” of the industry, Peak offers machines and equipment that are manufactured to suit any artist’s needs. Made from aluminum and anodized for durability, this revolutionary grip has a 30mm diameter with a lightweight design. It comes equipped with a silicone, textured cover for durability and an even sturdier grip for a comfortable hold with pen-like precision and control.

Easily adjust the throw or needle depth with a convenient spin or “click” of the grip; the Natron features a click system that securely locks to prevent involuntary turning during tattoo procedures, even when using heavier machines. The grip’s backstem is grooved for better traction. It is compatible with all major cartridge systems and the 3mm internal bore works with all drive bar tip styles, so that it can be used with the artist’s preferred cartridge needles for nearly any machine.

The Peak Natron Grip is available in a variety of colors. This listing is for the Peak Natron Aluminum Cartridge Grip in Black. Two plunger bars measuring 94.5mm and 85mm are included with your purchase.

Please Note: Autoclave at 150° C or below. As with all anodized metals, anodized aluminum will fade over time depending on usage and autoclaving frequency.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Grip Color: Black
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Stroke Length: 0–8mm
  • POM (polyoxymethylene) internal mechanism holds needle cartridge
  • Grooved backstem for better traction; backstem is pressure-fit to aluminum grip
  • Click system allows for steady procedures without involuntary turning
  • Adjustable throw and needle depth
  • 3mm center bore; compatible with all built-in drive machines
  • 0.125mm adjustment per twist
  • 1mm adjustment per full turn
  • Anodized for durability; autoclavable
  • Removable silicone cover
  • Cannot be disassembled
  • 94.5mm drive bar and 85mm drive bar included