Tattoo Paint Roll 5 Dice

Tattoo Paint Roll 5 Dice

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The perfect way for every tattooer/artist to complete their collection, stay productive and keep those creative ideas going. There are no set rules for these dice. You make your own rules. Each dice has your typical 6 sides. Each side is numbered along with a word or picture that is used to guide your creations. Throwing all 5 dice will result in endless possibilities!

Yellow Dice: 1-Dagger, 2-Panther, 3-Skull, 4-Eagle, 5-Fire, 6-Flower Image
Black Dice: 1-"Get Weird", 2-Rose, 3-Snake, 4-Devil, 5-Eye, 6-Heart Image
Red Dice: 1-Tribal, 2-Butterfly, 3-Girl Head, 4-Water, 5-Tiger, 6-Spider Web Image
Black Sparkle: 1-Chrome, 2-Blood, 3-Cross, 4-Bio-Mech, 5-Skin Rip, 6-Yin-Yang
Green Sparkle: 1-Stardust, 2-Dragon, 3-Wing, 4-Wolf, 5-Wizard, 6- Tribal

Set includes - 5 Dice, 1 Dice Pouch, 3 Stickers, 1 Patch & T.P.R. Info Card

Dice size is approx: .625"x.625" square.