Drape Sheets 40x60

Standard Drape consists of tissue bonded to a fluid-resistant sheet of polyethylene that will absorb fluid on one side and protect on the other. Extremely high in strength, yet still soft and comfortable for clients. Perfect for tattoo chairs, massage beds, benches, and much more. Features: White...

Dental Bibs

  Defend Plus Blue Patient Bibs The unique technique used to bond the layers of tissue and poly securely together eliminates separation of the layers and the reinforced edges provide added strength and durability. **2-ply tissue and 1-ply poly for absorption and patient protection. **13" x 18", ...

Pillow Cases

TIDI Products- 1 Ply Tissue + Polly 100 Per a Case

Barrier Film

Tattoo artists use barrier film to cover the tattoo chair, armrest, trays, tattoo utensils, tattooing area, lights, and even the telephone to keep sterile during the tattoo process. 1,200 4x6 perforated sheets 

Wash Bottle Bag

Nuclear Wash Bottle Bag Size: 6" x 8" QTY- 250  

Machine Bags

These 5" x 5" lightweight blue tinted polyethylene machine bags provide covering for your tattoo machines. Quantity: 250pcs. Color: transparent blue Material: polyethylene Size: 5" x 5"  

Nuclear Machine Bags

Nuclear Machine Bags Size: 5" x 4" QTY- 500  

Clip Cord Sleeve Roll

2" x 24" Quantity 250

Phantom Black Latex Gloves

Adenna's Phantom® Black Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves are the ultimate choice for individuals who demand uncompromising quality in hand care protection. They are the preferred choice for tattoo body art and high-end salon professionals because their distinct color stands out and mask stain...