Sticky Stipz Ink Caps

Sticky Stripz Ink Cap

Stable Ink Caps

Clear Ink Caps / Cups Top Hat Stable Base These are special ink caps with a top hat style, stable base design. Quantity: 100 pieces or 500 piece Color: transparent
$20.00 - $0.00

Paint Roll Dice

5 dice set with patch and stickers
$4.50 - $0.00

Grommets / Nipples for Tatt...

Nipples for Tattoo Machines Approximately - 100 Rubber or Silicone Nipples. All are nipples unless otherwise specified as a full grommet. 

Rinse Cups Clean Up

The safest & easiest way to dispose of the rinse cup in the tattoo industry.

Black Rubber Bands

These premium quality rubber bands (for tattoo machines and forceps) provide excellent tension. Qty: Approximately 1000 per bag Available in: 1/8" & 1/16" Made in the U.S.A.

Rinse Cups

Sleeve of 100 count 5oz rinse cups for tattooing and or piercing purposes. Quantity: 100 pcs. Size: 5 oz.

Wash Bottle

Standard bottle. Excellent for green soap mixes or any other skin prep liquids.Available in 8oz & 16oz 

Nalgene Wash Bottle

Low-density polyethylene bottle, polypropylene screw closure/stem, and polypropylene copolymer draw tube. Through-the-top wash bottle with closure and stem molded in one piece for leakproof service. Tip can be cut back to increase flow. Tight fit of draw tube and closure prevents separation. ...
$5.00 - $0.00

Dip Cap

Dip Cap Rinse Dip Clean 24ct