Power & Accessories

All our products featured in power & power accesories are 100% USA manufactured and offer limited warranties.


Critical Power CX-1 G2

Critical Power CX-1 G2 NEW! 6 amp peak current, 4 amp true continuous current NEW! Pedal override button (no need for a foot pedal if you run continuous mode) Precision regulated set point voltage 0-18vdc Built in short circuit protection .1 volt adjustment resolution Voltage presets 2 NEW! M...

Critical Power CX-2 G2

Critical Power CX-2 G2 6 amp peak current, 4 amp true continuous current Session machine run time meter Total machine run time (odometer) Session time Session currency meter (based on hourly rate set by user) Pedal override button (no need for a foot pedal if you run continuous mode) Wireless f...

Wireless Foot Pedal / Unive...

The XP-W Wireless Foot Pedal Our wireless foot pedal and universal  receiver combo will work with all power supplies that use a 1/4″ foot pedal jack. This system adds the option of maintained pedal mode when using it with a simple power supply. (The Universal receiver is not needed if you are usi...

XP-W Wireless Foot Pedal

The XP-W Wireless Foot Pedal for use with CX-2R   64 wireless channels with random addressing means that hundreds of pedals can be used in the same place.  It uses a standard coin cell battery (CR-2450) with a minimum battery life of three years of daily use.  It can also be used in wired mode wi...

Talons Original Mini Tattoo...

1”H x 2 ½”W x 31/2 L. 18v@2 amp.120/240 input voltage Uses ¼" phono jacks. Size is (1 .25" High, 2 .5" wide. 3 .5" long) Full 12 month Warranty. MADE IN THE USA   The top is heavy gauge stainless steel. The bottom is black anodized aluminum. The weight of this unit is 8.5 ounces....

Talons Mini Digital Tattoo ...

2 3/4"H x 3"W x 4"L 18V @ 2amp. 120/140 Input Voltage One of the smallest digital power supplies on the market!  The Mini Digital power supply is the perfect for traveling, weighing only 14.5 ounces. The top is heavy gauge stainless steel, the bottom is  black anodized aluminum. Unit ...

USA made Gem Foot Switch

 360 degree access, 7 feet of 18/2 awg wire, 1/4" phono plug MADE IN USA

USA made Treadlite Foot Switch

  Strong steel formed housing with black electo-coated paint finish Integral, adjustable strain relief clamp Non-skid foot pad and base pad 2 Holes provided for rigid mounting to floor or equipment Low profile and light actuation force reduces operator fatigue MADE IN THE USA  

Albro Clip Cord

Albro Clip Cord. Electrical Devises Available in both Grey & Blue  

Bishop ClipCord

Premium Lightweight RCA Cord – 6 ft.   - Gold Plated Split-tip Center Pin and Segmented Shieldfor maximum contact and connection reliability - Micro Barrel Design lightweight and compact sizing allows for less pull/weight on machine - Integrated Strain Relief for long-term durability - Frosted Ou...

Black Rubber Bands

These premium quality rubber bands (for tattoo machines and forceps) provide excellent tension. Qty: Approximately 1000 per bag Available in: 1/8" & 1/16" Made in the U.S.A.

Talon ClipCord

It has virtually no weight. No metal spring to pinch on the wire. Easily adjustable to fit any machine. This cord will not break or short out. Comes with a 1/4" phono jack. MADE IN THE USA