Nocturnal 3pc Greywash set

Nocturnal Tattoo Ink - West Coast Blend created by tattoo artist Franco Vescovi and Jack Rudy

Nocturnal Gray Wash Dark

Nocturnal West Coast Blend Gray Wash Dark

Nocturnal Gray Wash Light

Nocturnal West Coast Blend Gray Wash Light

Nocturnal Gray Wash Medium

Nocturnal West Coast Blend Gray Wash Medium

Nocturnal Ink Set of 6. 1oz.

A special blend of tattoo ink created by the world renowned tattoo artists Franco Viscovi and Jack Rudy.  Together they worked to provide an ink line that preforms like the drawing inks used in the industry with one important thing in mind: this ink is actually made for tattooing.  With the same ...

Nocturnal Lining & Shading

Nocturnal Ink Lining and Shading Black

Nocturnal Shine White

Noctunral Ink White pigment

Nocturnal Super Black

Nocturnal Tattoo Ink - Super Black