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Tattoo Anesthetic Cream 1oz

MadacOne of the main reasons people do not get tattoos is because of the pain associated with the application. However, with this professional tattoo numbing solution by TAC, you can give your customers the beautiful tattoo they’ve always wanted without the pain that they fear.


Applied 15 minutes before or during a session, this topical tattooing cream will not only provide your customers with relief during the tattooing process but will encourage them to come back for more ink once they realize how minimal the pain is during the session. Unlike some other tattoo anesthetic creams, TAC’s was developed in collaboration with board-certified dermatologists and industry-leading tattoo artists to ensure fast and effective pain relief. TAC is available in individually packaged 1-ounce jars to professionally licensed tattoo artists in the United States. TAC contains a prilocaine base, peg-9 stearate, water carbomer, and phenoxyethanol.