12 Color Spectrum Set

12 color set  Includes The Mixer in 2oz for 1oz set, 4oz for 2oz set, 8oz for 4oz set .Lining black, Yellow, Violet, Medium Green, White, Orange, El Dorado, Nice Blue, Red, Magenta, Brown, Pink . Solid Ink is easy to work with, super bright and heals solidThey are very concentrated to ensure ...

5 piece Grey Wash Set Fusion

Fusion Ink 5 Shade Greywash Set comes in 2oz and 4oz bottles. - Greywash Light - Greywash Medium - Greywash Dark - Greywash X-Light - Greywash X-Dark


Light grayish blue tone with a hint of green, just like the agave plant used for tequila, this pigment will open up your color palette.


Allegory Ink - BLAK - 8oz.Allegory BLAK is a smooth, consistent blend of liquid dispersed pigment for Lining & Shading.This rich black ink comes in an 8oz PET clear Squat Boston round bottle. Bottles are heat sealed with tamper resistant twist-dispensing tops. Each bottle comes with a glass m...


Original tone, a fusion of Brown, Olive, Grey, an off White color that will suit great with Neo Traditional Tattoo style, or whatever your imagination brings.


A good muted soft brownish-green. Break with white for a soft minty muted green. Available in 1oz or 2oz.

Atomic Yellow

   The brightest yellow... made extra vibrant, easy to apply and stays solid. Available in 1oz or 2oz

Autumn Orange

   A rich orange that is more on the brown side. In the ochre tones. Available in 1oz and 2oz.


 A very rich, muted yellow-green hue Available in 1oz or 2oz

Baby Blue

Eternal Ink - Muted Earth Tones - Baby Blue Eternal Ink’s lightest true blue color - no tinting toward other colors Available in 1oz or 2oz bottles

Baby Blue

Baby Blue is a light shade of blue. It has a rich color value, saturated and bright. Blend it with Miami or Boca Blue to achieve beautiful smooth blends. Available in 1oz or 2oz bottles


With a White base in it, this Banana is creamy and consistent, way thicker than regular Yellows. Available in 1oz or 2oz bottles