Madacide Wipes FDW-Plus

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  • MadaCide-FD is a safe, effective and economical alcohol based broad
    spectrum formula surface disinfectant and cleaner
  • Designed for use as a disinfectant in hospitals (all departments), medical,
    dental and veterinary offices, nursing homes and other health care facilities
  • Fast drying formula allows for very simple application of MadaCide disinfectant
  • 15 month shelf life from date of manufacture (opened or unopened)
  • Kills Hepatitis A, B & C, TB, HIV, Bacteriocidal, Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal,
    Virucidal, Pseudomonocidal, and more
  • Formulation contains 21% Isopropanol of industrial 100% concentration
  • Ready to use - no mixing or activators necessary
  • MadaCide is biodegradable and can easily be poured down the drain
  • E.P.A. registered as a safe and effective surface disinfectant cleaner