Sterilization Pouches


1) Triple Seal, Triple Heat Process – The edges of the pouch are sealed by three separately heat-sealed rails to prevent separation or tearing by instruments. The seals are heated and cooled three times in production process to ensure a secure seal. 2) Blue Tinted Transparent Film – Provides easy viewing of instruments and identifying any punctures or tears of the film. 3) Medical Grade Paper – Medical grade paper, wet strength treated for high performance. 4) Wide Self-Seal Adhesive Strip – to easily and securely seal pouch. 5) Perforated Fold – Helps in folding the adhesive strip to form a tight seal. 6) Corner Tack Seals – Prevent corners of pouch from curling after sterilization process. 7) Thumb Notch – Makes opening pouch easy. 8) Process Indicators – Large arrows that change colors making it easy to confirm sterilization is complete